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Started by xx88man, August 05, 2019, 08:45:07 PM

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Well it took me forever but I have finally found and bought an E body that I can actually drive. Although I have tried multiple times I just don't have the place or the time to restore one of these cars. I picked up a low mile very original 71 Challenger. A great car that I can work on and also drive. We drove it over 800 miles to bring it home. Body is great. Interior is beautiful and original. Driveline can be upgraded over time.
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70 Challenger Lover

Nice looking car! My advice would be to enjoy it for a while before making any major changes. Play with the little things to make it look better, run or sound better, more reliable, etc.  Big upgrades have a way of turning into project creep and before you know it, you are into a multi year restoration project costing you a fortune and taking your car off the road before your ready.


Nicely done. I love 71 challengers.  Thats cool you already put 800 miles on the new ride.  Thats more miles than many do in years after restoring their car.   :pokeeye:

Cuda Cody

Holy Smokes!  That is a fantastic looking Challenger.  :inlove:  Great find.  :woohoo:


It's a sharp looking car buddy!

Chryco Psycho

Very Nice , Congrats  :twothumbsup:

mopar thunder

Congrats! That is a really nice looking car. I hope you have many years of enjoyment.



 :slapme5: Nice score!  :)will be on your face for meany a mile.


Keep yer foot in it

blown motor

Sweet ride. Congratulations.
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Nice: Drive it as is this summer and make plans.


I would be pretty happy with that car!   :bigthumb:
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