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No stop or Turn signals on Right rear

Started by cbrown888, September 22, 2022, 04:49:22 PM

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Ok this has my head scratching. Have 71 Challenger that I just got done with recleaning up the trunk area because of mice including paint and rewrapping the rear lights wiring harness replacing all rear bulbs and new fuel tank. Tested the rear running lamps all worked fine. Turned on left signal worked fine, turned on right, inop. Hit brakes only the left goes on, hit 4 ways only the left go on not right rear. Right front signal works fine. I replaced the turn signal switch when I restored the car 30 years ago but I am thinking that may have gone bad from lack of use.

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If you are getting no power to the right Rear then the TS switch is the likely culprit .
Standard TW7 is the correct part & is or was available from Rock auto 


 :iagree:   had no brake lights on the right... TS was the culprit


For what it is worth....I used Standard TW7 switches for years with no issues....then recently switched to the OER brand because they are cheaper and look better in my opinion...

HOWEVER....I've had a few issues with the OER brand, most of which was the signal lights not wanting to cancel when turning....and more recently, A customer who I finished his car over a year ago, is now telling me there's no brake light on the passenger side :dunno:
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I recently had a similar problem where my brake lights stopped working but the turn signals were working. I removed the TS switch and found the contacts between the two components were not making good contact. I made sure the actual turn signal lever was very tight when I remounted the switch and screwed the lever back in. This seem to make the contact points better aligned and it worked!


Found it. It was driving me nuts so before I left for work today I checked the connection of the t/s switch and the harness and had power to both sides. When I got home this evening I went to the trunk, pulled the new GE bulbs, that I just installed last week, out of the r/s taillamps and checked the contacts with the test light and both were blinking. Put the GE 1157 bulbs back in and again nothing. Went to the basement and went to my lightbulb cabinet and pulled out a couple of cheap bulbs and put them in and they were working. What a relief of not having to tear the car apart.

On another front while I was refreshing the car I decided to replace the pitted side marker bezels. Everything was fine and went to test the lights and kept blowing fuses. Disconnected the front right still blowing fuses, disconnected the l/f no blown fuse. Pulled the lamp assembly apart, pulled the wire insulation back and found the positive lead just hanging in the socket not attached to anything. Goes to show that you think you are paying more for a quality product and it is just as much junk as the cheaper item.