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Loctite on header bolts?

Started by blown motor, February 10, 2024, 02:16:19 PM

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blown motor

I had a couple header bolts came loose last fall so I'm replacing the header gasket. Didn't get a seal on the old one when we retightened the bolts. I have aluminum heads. Should I put a drop of blue loctite on the bolts when I install them?
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Jay Bee


I would not.
Get a set of these gaskets. Lots of thickness to seal up.
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I use anti-seize going into aluminum's always good to check the bolts for tightness every once and awhile
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Not sure that I'd want header bolts loctited in considering how hard it is to access some of the bolts. Bad enough getting those out sometimes as it is. Funny how the guy in the Summit video demonstrating the locking header bolt kit chose the easiest bolt to get at with the engine out of the car. Why not show us how great they work on say the #5 cylinder header exhaust tube on a sb Mopar while the engine is in the car?  :))


I used Stage 8 locking header fasteners when I install my TTI headers. No leaks and no lose fasteners. They are made out of SS so no rust. I applied some antiseize compound before installing to the aluminum heads. It won't go on the inner bolt holes for 1 and 2. I had to use the TTI fasteners at the two locations.
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I use and recommend ARP header bolts Murray. You won't regret paying the extra $$ for them.
I don't have a small block anymore, but if any of the exhaust bolt holes go through to the water jacket....silicone the threads. I'm thinking the end bolts? Maybe not...
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The factory G3 hemi manifold bolts come with a yellow pre applied threadlocker and are generally considered the best fasteners along with the factory gaskets being the best as well for headers.  Threadlocker will work for header bolts, but not your traditional blue nor would you want to use either red there either.

I'm not sure what that magic yellow patch bolt compound on the Mopar bolts is, but it works!