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Look and Feel of new forum - tip if yours is off

Started by 73_Cuda_4_Me, November 19, 2023, 05:23:43 AM

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Thank you Cody for all the hard work!

For those that may have a completely different 'look and feel' from the way forum used to look (like I had)...

In the 'Recent Topics' bar, on the right you will see several different layouts for topics. For some reason, mine had defaulted to posts on left, topics on right. Very weird to navigate that way.

If you select the second layout box that has 'default' in it when you hover over it with cursor, you will have same look and feel as original forum.  :banana:
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Cuda Cody

Great tip!  I would like to add that a lot of this will be fixed and updated (hopefully in the next couple weeks) as update the site and make it more like what we had.  And with this newer version of the software we should see big improvements in speed too!

Jay Bee