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What do you like most about this forum? (Possible changes coming)

Started by Cuda Cody, January 21, 2021, 05:30:43 PM

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What do you prefer we do with the forum?

I would prefer keeping the forum as it is even if it's slow at times.
25 (71.4%)
Let's drop some features and see if we can speed it up.
10 (28.6%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Cuda Cody

As many of you have experienced, the forum can get super slow at times.  We've worked on it over and over but can't get it to function at the speed I know it should.  After working with several different forum experts we are now to the point of deciding do we live with it as it is or start over and do a brand new software install with less features in hopes of speeding the forum up.

If we do a complete new install what are some of the current features that you love?

I'll start.... I love how easy it is to upload photos.


I also love the photo aspect. I'm on other forums (AMC, etc..) but don't post much as I can't post pictures.

What kind of features are slowing it down?  :notsure:

Jay Bee

Definitely the easy picture posting. Tagging members and imbedding Youtube videos are other features that are nice to have. That's all that comes to mind right now.


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Photos are great. Don't care much about videos. It slows down sometimes and I'm okay with that however I imagine as we gain more members it will get worse, not better.


Quote from: Brads70 on January 21, 2021, 05:34:55 PM

What kind of features are slowing it down?  :notsure:

I like Brad's question.....if you could pin point what options may be slowing it down, we could make a more informed decision as to what we could live without ?

Things like the "member's map" never really took off, the "prize shop" and point system has unfortunately died off....although I think the shirts were a big success ...I've never clicked on "gallery" or "calendar" in the last three years.. :dunno:
I've taught you everything you know....but I haven't taught you everything I know....
Check out my web site ....  Alan Gallant Automotive Restoration


Because of Alan's post, I like the embedded YouTube videos in posts!
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i'll second the easy photo upload..  a necessity when trying to build these things up....


Like the photos.

I use this forum always by hitting the "Recent Forum Topics button"

I do that in any web board I belong to that has over 4-5 forums/topics I'm interested in.

What I don't like is the re-posting of outside ads (eBay, Craigslist, etc) for cars for sale. IF there is a WIW or some sort of specific question an interested forum member has on a certain car for sale, that's ok. Otherwise it clutters up the "recent forum topics" viewers.
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I like almost every thing about this forum .yes some times speed is a little slow,but that's life. I have not posted many  photos but plan to very soon . And the map of members is great .but best of all all the help you get here cheers  :australia:


Having no politics & zero tolerance for drama is pretty refreshing. You won't have to change anything to keep me here.


Never really use the calendar, map or gallery. As for slowdowns it doesn`t seem to happen all that often and is usually back to normal fairly quickly so not really an issue for me.


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This needs to stay IMO.

It would also be nice if you had the option to "opt out" of a topic that you once replied to.  There are a couple topics that pop up every day that I only replied to once.  Unless I scroll through 50 pages to find my post and delete it, it will always pop up.


Adding Pictures so easy.
I too do not go into Calendar, Gallery or Prize Shop
Thanks for looking into this Cody

cuda hunter

Everything is pretty much ok for me. 
Don't notice the slow downs much.  Mostly just slow to load sometimes.

Ease of picture adding is what makes the site.  If that changes the site will suffer.  Pictures are everything!!!! 

I don't use the home page information near enough.  But when I do I really appreciate what is there.  Please don't take away the information that comes up before the forum. 

This site rocks. 
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