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1970 Hemi Cuda Convertible barn find

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This popped up on a couple different mopar groups that I am in on facebook today. I don't know if it is legit but if so would be an incredible find. If anybody knows any back story to the car please fill us in on how it was found or came to light. I can't imagine opening the garage to a black hemi Cuda convertible four speed car. This is definitely a holy grail find if legit!


Linkback: https://forum.e-bodies.org/index.php?topic=25213.0

Mr Cuda:
I do not  follow all things hemi, as I  will never own a real one. For the obvious reasons of money.
 But with only  14 to find, was this one missing?
  And pictures please, not on Facebook to view page.

Link didn't work for me, but I would like to believe they are all accounted for by now  :dunno:

cuda hunter:
I've not seen a picture of the fender tag yet.
I know nothing other than the few snippets on fakebook.

For posterity
A rubbing of the fender tag

The comments go on and on with some cool info on the car.  And on and on about how they bought all the cool cars back in the day for pennies on the dollar.
On ebodiesfakebook.
Dyno-Dean Lucas

I scrolled and didn't see this on the group yet so here goes...
Brad Miles received this pic from a friend who said the pic was taken a couple weeks ago.
The car is/was in Texas.
"R" code, it is also a 4 speed with the Elastomeric bumpers.
Additional photos courtesy of Stacy Waite.

Mr Cuda:
So.....known car or what?
 Stored in a storage locker. No respect.  Not even a car cover.


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