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Rear interior panel hole?

Started by 1970A-66Challenger, September 02, 2023, 10:46:00 AM

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Finally putting the interior back in after many years...What's the purpose of large hole at the bottom of the rear interior panel?   Seat belt fed through it?


Access to install screw on L bracket screwed to floor.


Quote from: headejm on September 02, 2023, 11:28:59 AM
Access to install screw on L bracket screwed to floor.

Picture of "L" bracket and what does the bracket do?


No, the seat belt does not go through that hole.
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The large hole is access to the lower window adjustment I think.
The small mounting bracket on the floor is just a screw hole
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R/T's 4 R/P is correct. I should have looked at my pictures first. The L bracket is to the left of the large hole in the photo.


Seems odd that there would be a hole in the panel to allow for access to the lower bolt since the panel really has to be removed to fully adjust the window?