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Title: Challenger Hi-beam Bulbs -WIW
Post by: 71vert340 on February 13, 2020, 03:37:43 PM
  Still working on cleaning out my shop and getting rid of parts I don't need. I ran across a bucket of used headlight bulbs. So I checked them to see if they still work and they do. I did a search on here and came up with a hit.
  I checked my 71 convertible and found out I still have the pre 1972 GE bulbs installed and they all work. After reviewing the post from a couple of years ago, I see the bulbs I have in the bucket are no longer readily available. Here's what I have. One Westinghouse bulb, wide flute with a date of 8-9 on it. I have 3 GE wide pattern bulbs with dates of 9-0 and two of 10-0. My car was built in 12/1970. I could keep one as a spare but any idea of what these bulbs are worth? Thanks.