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Engine, Transmission & Rear End / Re: Brown Oil
« Last post by soundcontrol on Today at 01:24:48 AM »
Once the oil looks like french mousse you have water in the oil. Pressurize the cooling system and check if it is leaking down and if some coolant gets back in the oil. Water does not have to breach the head gasket from cooling gallery to cylinder to get into your oil, there are other ways.

I did notice a water leak now that I have not seen before, dripping clean water from the K-frame, I think its one of the bolts on the water pump, been messing with those taking the alternator out and loosening up the power steering pump, I believe some go in to the water channels. But it can't get to the oil from there.

Was running it with clean oil last night when it stopped and I could not get it started again, WTF now, I thought....then I realised I removed the gas tank to weld up rust in the trunk!  :haha:
Gotta get that back before I continue this.
Engine, Transmission & Rear End / Re: Brown Oil
« Last post by soundcontrol on Today at 01:18:24 AM »
I noticed, you are in Sweden. Was there coolant in the system or just water?

Yes, the guys shipping it over added some coolant so it would not freeze.
:iagree: The Vega is in the top 10 worst cars ever made. Unlined aluminum block guaranteed to be toast by 75,000 miles. Good looking body though.

(Off Topic) Auto History Fun Fact - Vega's were shipped by rail vertically, nose down.

Look at all those Daytona Clone back windows... Wheres my sawzall??
My  :alan2cents:

Never was in " fear" of the coronavirus . Respect it yes, fear no.  When its my time, its my time, simple. We are all going to die and for most of us it won't be a " good time"  I can accept that and don't fear being "dead" . Living takes more courage than dying. Like the Bikers say, live hard die young, leave a good looking corpse! LOL Life is for the living, not the dead.   
 We were asked to " flatten the curve" so as to not overwhelm our medical systems.  Made sense,  I understood and participated. We accomplished that. Now its has changed to permanently continue till they find a vaccine.  Which will likely be years down the road( if ever?) and by the time they come up with one it will most definitely have mutated by then rendering it ineffective.( reports out of China say the second wave has mutated)  Something like the flu shot .     ( which I never have participated in, they do not have a good track record with by the way.) Let alone the controversies surrounding whats inside the " vaccine"  Facts as of now is that there is no " cure/magic bullet"  for this. It has to work its way thru our societies till " herd immunity" is achieved. Just like any other virus mankind has endured from the beginning of time. I think history will show that Sweden got it right.     
I do have a fear/ mistrust of some  governments though. Not a fan of being " kettled"  having my various rights, property rights and freedoms taken away step by step, with many never to return. Fear is a powerful weapon, oldest tool in the books to control people.
I'd rather die with my boots on than live on my knees thanks. And with well over 90% survive ability with mild stay at home symptoms, I do not "FEAR" taking my chances . No one can deny the facts that they are padding the death numbers due to covid 19 . You could almost jump out of an airplane without a parachute these days and it would be listed as a covid death. Again, fear is a powerful tool/weapon!   The government up here clearly has not a clue how to handle this . One day, no wearing a mask is ineffective , next everyone should wear one, then no, then yes. Then there is the pathetic hypocrisy of our " leaders" no don't go to your cottages but we can etc... Rules for thee but not for me. Your just a peasant. No thanks !
I firmly believe the quality of my life would be much better with much less government interference. Life is hard enough without the incompetence of more and more government interference in every aspect of my life from cradle to grave. They always seem to run out of other peoples money but never there own? 
This is just the tip of the iceberg, we up here are dealing with.

Brad, I've always appreciated your input... This post may have moved you up to long distance mind reader status... You've been inside my head...
General Topics / Re: Retro pics, the good old days.
« Last post by 1 Wild R/T on May 24, 2020, 11:08:46 PM »
interesting.  I'm getting mixed reviews from my different friends in Cali.  Seems San Diego is doing pretty well with following the states regs where as L.A. is not following the regs at all.  San Fran is following regs but where your at east of san fran yal aren't following the regs either. 
Wish my customer who canceled the house build this year was from your area. 
I used that 51515 today.  :wrenching:  tightened up a few things and NIKKI got some daylight!    :burnout:
Brentwood California about 50 miles east of San Francisco. @cuda hunter
That is a possibility.  The hardest part wold be that mount that goes to the dash frame.  Would have to actually hold one and have it sit on a shelf at a fab shop until a master could work it up for me. 
Where are you located at @Cudakiller70  ? 
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