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Engine, Transmission & Rear End / Re: Where is my coolant leak?
« Last post by RUNCHARGER on Today at 01:12:06 PM »
I still don't see the one that repairs sheetmetal. I can see the stuff working on headgaskets alright though.
Wanted to ask you guys about rear-ends.

I understand that dr. diff sells complete sets with the Eaten clutch-less posi for about $1500. Do I know if I need the 7290 or the 1350 U-Bolt? I'm assuming that I have the OEM Mopar Adjustable tapered roller wheel bearings.

I'm wondering if there's other options that are easier on the pocket book, like perhaps a used drop-out. What specs are I'm going to want to look for if considering this route for a my 70 Challenger?

Still determining on 3.73 or 3.91. I've already thought through that this car may never really see much of the interstate, and the furthest I'd take it is probably an hour away, highway driving.

You're taking a lot of the original parts off this car for improvements so I don't see the point in the iron heads dollar wise. I am a results for dollars sort of guy. A few years ago I did up a set of 915's for the 440 in my Road Runner, I had the same amount of money  in the 915's as I would have had in a nice new set of aluminum heads. I'll never do that again. I too see no point in topping off expensive iron heads with an aluminum intake manifold. You would actually get more performance increase using the stock intake manifold on a set of aluminum heads. However it is certainly not my car or my money, but that is what I would do.
General Topics / Re: RETRO BABE OF THE DAY.
« Last post by anlauto on Today at 12:58:59 PM »
I was actually joking, but yea you're right it's just the photo
Didn't that belong to a member of the old CC.com ?

 :iagree:  The last time I saw it he had the white reverse strobe stripe, not the black hockey stick.

Yes and it looked much better with the strobe stripe :alan2cents:
General Topics / Re: Wrecked, destroyed, mangled Mopars
« Last post by RUNCHARGER on Today at 12:54:34 PM »
Yup: 68 so it wasn't a dry single reservoir to make the brakes "fail". I vote low performance driver.
General Topics / Re: Police Challenger?
« Last post by RUNCHARGER on Today at 12:52:52 PM »
Totally, I would fight that one.
Correction, I want to run in the 13s, so if that means an orange air gap, then it means an orange air gap. If obtainable with stock intake, then great! Iím just making some assumptions.

Taking something original off (intake) and putting something more original on (x heads) is a wash for originality. It keeps my soul in check. :)

Still would like to find a good 340 engine builder and discuss my goals so I know what I need.

Tim Walker did a full restoration on a tribute to Bobby Allison's Daytona, and the reveal was this weekend.

Didn't that belong to a member of the old CC.com ?

 :iagree:  The last time I saw it he had the white reverse strobe stripe, not the black hockey stick.
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