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Original rear sway bar. New mounting bushings and end links.

Started by Dannytheangler, February 09, 2024, 03:05:28 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm digging into the rear suspension this week and have everything from front hangers, u bolts, xhd's, and rear shackles. After taking off the stock sway bar i want to save money and replace the end links with all new hardware and polyurethane bushings. Then i'mn going to cut the mounting outer casing, replace the bushings with poly, then weld it back up. i can't find end links that fit and nobody sells the mounting bushings because nobody is doing what i'm going to do. The bar is stock 3/4 from a 73 340 car. Picture below explains it


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I didn't want to spend the money for the repo end links, the Moog links worked for me.


Jay Bee

@EV2RTSE did you weld back the original bracket or weld in the bracket that came with the Energy Suspension 9.5106G. Sorry if the question is dumb but I don't want to assume anything.


@Jay Bee we were able to reuse the original brackets with the new bushings. They actually fit like they were designed for them.