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Beat 74 BH23G4B354777

Started by cuda hunter, May 04, 2024, 05:45:12 PM

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cuda hunter

Not my car. 
I see the V5X on this car that is aftermarket. 
Too bad it's not a D21 car. 
328 SPD
3/74 sticker
Mid production year spd but it appears to be a pretty late/high vin. 

1974 Plymouth cuda
Listed a week ago in Milan, MN

fakebook link

Ply cuda car  rusty needs rebuilding 8000 or best offer.thank don't  waste my time or your time asking if it's still available will not respond to that I'll take it down when it sells I do have a 69 I believe a roadrunner hood and trunk that's pretty fair shape as well
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