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Meta: eBay stuff being posted in "Cars for sale or wanted"

Started by dhh, June 08, 2021, 04:41:59 PM

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tl;dr only cars being sold by forum members should be posted in "Cars For Sale or Wanted"

So we have two sub-forums that people post cars in:

1. Cars For Sale or Wanted

-> Typically used by forum members trying to sell their cars

2. E-Body stuff found on Ebay, Craigslist or anywhere else

-> seems to be designed as a catch-all for cars that do not belong to forum members.

I notice that a few people still post eBay ads in (1), but as someone who is searching for a good e-body car, this makes it harder to find cars that are being sold by forum members.

Ebay ads are great and all, but often times they are in poor shape and it's hard to trust the sellers. I propose that only cars for sale by members should be in (1), while everything else should go in (2) - as the name of the sub-forum suggests.



Get a hold of Mason Daniel and let him know your thoughts....I agree with you 100% :twothumbsup:
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cuda hunter

Same here.  Pretty much us locals stick to these guide lines. 
There are bots that will post wherever and whatever whenever they so choose.
We just removed MasonDaniel (slightly different name) from   
That bot would post ebay ads on top of other peoples for sale ads.   Pretty ridiculous.
At least this one bot on this site posts it's own specific ads and not on top of other peoples stuff. 
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There's definitely a chance that @MasonDaniel7 is a bot. Sent them a message a few days ago and never got back to me, plus they don't do anything besides post eBay ads.