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I went back to the dark side, sort of

Started by JH27N0B, July 09, 2024, 07:16:51 AM

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I bought a new B5 blue Challenger R/T in '09 and really enjoyed it for 13 years and almost 38,000 miles.  I was fortunate to find a cool '78 Magnum in '21 which took its spot in my garage, and along with the purchase of a new Ram that year, I felt I couldn't justify keeping it any longer.
I have missed the car, and this year started hearing about how dealers had a ton of new Challengers and Chargers piled up on their lots, and between rebates and they being motivated to sell, after several years of a crazy inflated market, there were finally deals to be had.
Even though I have no garage space for another car, I thought if these cars were sitting out lot rotting at dealers for months, what difference does it make if I park a car in my driveway and then store it winters?
So after several months of searching the listings, I found a car I liked at a price I like, 350 miles away in Missouri.  It got delivered yesterday afternoon and made my first drive in it to a cruise in a nearby town an hour after it rolled off the delivery rig.  It's a Scat Pack 6.4 6 speed stick in Frostbite.
My driveway is crowded now, making access to the garage more difficult, but I still intend to take the vintage rides out to most of the local shows and cruises, as there are plenty of late model cars at events without another one there!
It's nice to be behind the wheel of a late model Challenger again!  This may be the last new car I ever buy, which would be a nice bookend as my '09 was my first new car purchase.  Any daily driver I get in the future will likely be a late model used.  I don't think there will ever be another new car on the market cool enough I'd lust after buying new again in my lifetime. 



Congratulations on your new purchase!
You might notice a slight increase in HP over your '09 R/T.   :yes:


She's pretty that is for sure.  And has many improvements over my '09.  Interior is a vast improvement over the '09s which wasn't much better than a taxi cabs.  The power and the braking in the '09 came up a little short too.  The extra 100 hp and Brembo brakes on the '23 will far exceed my old car's.
But I still feel regrets from selling the '09.  It was my first new car purchase, bought off the showroom floor with 7 miles on the odometer optioned pretty much exactly what I would have ordered if I'd been able to order one. I garage kept it and other than getting caught in a few rainstorms, it never saw bad weather.  I had a lot of fun times with it!
I owned bookends of the LX Challenger R/Ts.  The '09 was the first year and the '23 is the last year for them.


NICE !! ya I'm in the same boat.  Great choice !  I had a blacktop and loved it. Got a power wagon. Ha. Missing the "easter egg in a bubble"
round tail lights forever !!