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Bucket Seat Hinge Cover Button Late 1971-1974

Started by RayL, March 21, 2024, 09:30:37 AM

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1973 Challenger

Anyone know where to find Bucket Seat Hinge Cover Buttons for late 1971-1974 seats? I've found the earlier version for 1970-early 71 at, but no luck for the newer part.



  I don't know what you have but it isn't a '73 e-body seat
release was completely different after '71

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If you are looking for the actual push buttons, here is a link:

Push buttons are available through multiple avenues although I have not seen any reproduction buttons in black but it looks like you have the chrome looking buttons.

I have attached some pictures from my seat restoration if they assist you at all. 
Also, I think your retaining bracket may be on backwards . . . or maybe I installed mine backwards???