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1970-1971 Bucket Seat Hinge Covers – A/B/E-Body

Started by Floyd, April 09, 2021, 08:12:16 AM

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Restored set of original 70 – early 71 Mopar bucket seat metal hinge covers.  Parts have been lightly media-blasted, primed and painted with SEM self-etch black primer (#39673) and SEM "Trim Black" paint (#39143).  Seat-release buttons have been repaired (mounting bosses drilled, tapped, and set with stainless steel screws and epoxy).  Contact me with specific questions and I'll answer as accurately as possible.  I can provide additional photos if needed.
Part numbers:
2942711 - LH Outer (w/button)
2942708 - LH Inner
2942710 - RH Outer (w/button)
2942709 - RH Inner

$300 plus shipping


Thanks for the ad!



@rjhjr - Yes, They're still available.  I'll PM my phone number.


Did you sell them yet? If so do you have another set? Thx.


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