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Challenger Trunk Mat ?

Started by B5TA, February 21, 2024, 10:24:08 AM

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Any new thoughts about which trunk mat is the better one ?  I'm going to be ordering soon.  Thanks, Kevin


There is only two different manufacturers of the trunk mats at this time.  That would be ACC or REM.  ACC only offers the heavier rubber style mats.  REM offers both the rubber mats and the vinyl mats.  I do not like the vinyl mats as they are basically thin and nothing like the original heavier rubber style mats.  Just think of a vinyl shower curtain or table cloth.  They are folded up tightly and then shrink wrapped into a plastic bag which makes getting the wrinkles out very difficult.  Just be careful and know which style that your purchasing.  Many vendors stock the vinyl mats as they take up less space and much cheaper to ship.  Personally, the ACC mats have a more distinct print pattern, but the REM mats are cut a bit more correct.  Both mats will possibly need some trimming to get the best fit.  Also, in confirming the material, some of the vendors charge close to the same price as for the vinyl mat as to what the rubber mats sell for.  Another reason to make sure of what your purchasing.  Most of the mats that you find in the market place is the REM mats.  ACC is known more for the carpet that they make, but fewer vendors are setup to sell the ACC line.  Fortunately, we have been able to offer either manufacturer to our customers.

Depending upon your budget and your luck, finding one of the ECS reproduction mats would be the best case scenario.  But they have been out of production for like three years and only had a limited run, so availability is very limited.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into your search.  Mopar weatherstripping is our specialty, but we offer a wide assortment of restoration products.


Does anyone know why ECS isn't still making the mats? It seems like a waste to set up production, run a limited run and then stop selling them. Everyone has said they are the best reproduction. I bought one for my convertible when they first came out but it is still boxed up so I don't know about the fit.

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I've heard that the supplier of the material (in China) cannot or won't make another run of the material.
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Quote from: R/T's 4 R/P on February 22, 2024, 05:47:26 AMI've heard that the supplier of the material (in China) cannot or won't make another run of the material.

Tom at ECS had told me something like that around 3 years ago.  They contacted the supplier to get material to make another run and the supplier wasn't interested.  Seeing how many years have gone by since then, I am not optimistic they will make them again.  I bought one for my T/A when they were first offered, and was going to order a couple more.  As my late father used to say. he who hesitates is lost. At least I got one...
A while back, Jim at Detroit Muscle Technologies said he was working on developing some trunk mats.  I haven't heard anything about that since, I wonder if he gave up on that, or if he will someday come up with them?


From my knowledge of the situation with ECS, Dave was able to bring to market items that he needed for the cars in which he was in the process of restoring or building.  Like many in the hobby, his drive and determination brought about ECS which is the only licensed manufacturer for the OEM Vin decals and IDs.  In regards to the trunk mats, I was told that for the number that was sold, they basically lost money on each one of them that was sold.  The tooling cost for the screen printing head was over $30,000.  Factor in the cost of the rubber material, the cost of the die to cut them, the royalty to Chrysler to print the part number and logo and that is why the project has been on hold.  ECS has sold off the exhaust line and metal pieces to Scott Fuller.  They are currently only offering decals, some of the chemicals like RPM and the glass etching for date coded glass.

Basically all of the leg work and initial work for the trunk mats was done pre-Covid.  Factor in the cost of materials and labor and the cost to start the project over again, I could see it being 30 to 50% more costly to bring the same piece to the market place.  Depending upon the vendor, the current rubber trunk mats are selling from $75 to $100.  Maybe 3% of the buyers will pay the $200 to $225 for a better quality mat.  From my experience in the industry, everyone will say that they will be ok with the more expensive price, but when it comes time to put the money down, they will go with the current offerings at a third
 to a half of the price. 

When looking at the viability of a project, we as a vendor/manufacturer have to look at product coverage.  How many years will it cover and will it overlap into the other body lines as A, B and C-Bodies.  With a questionable economy and aging buyers, I would not want to take on such a project.  Mopar weatherstripping is our specialty, but we offer a wide assortment of restoration products.