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Mystery Container ?

Started by anlauto, April 18, 2023, 09:40:02 AM

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Can someone tell me what tis container is for ?
I've installed (3) 392's now and never seen this before ? :huh:
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 I would tend to agree it's an oil catch can. I installed one on my 2015 Challenger 5.7L and I believe it connects to the same fittings as shown.
Terry W.


Question is, do those catch cans really serve much purpose? 
Not long after I bought my '09 Challenger 5.7 I ordered a billet technologies catch can.  I'd seen information how they catch a lot of oil, keep your intake from getting contaminated or something.  People would post pictures of emptying them, there'd be an ounce of oil the cans would catch.
It was on back order, and for some reason my order never got processed.  Getting one fell down in my triage list and I never got motivated to try to order one again.  Never had any issues with the car in the 13 years I owned the car before selling it last year.
Is that really a problem though?  And if it is, wouldn't the engineers have designed something into engines as original equipment?  Are they snake oil?
I have a 6.4 hemi in my Ram.  I'll think of putting a catch can on it if there is any real benefit.


Wow okay, thanks for the info....I never would have though an oil catch can...I agree, is it really necessary ? Brand new motor, you'd think it would have been engineered into the design if needed  :dunno:
I've taught you everything you know....but I haven't taught you everything I know....
Check out my web site ....  Alan Gallant Automotive Restoration


Very few aftermarket parts are NEEDED, but these do serve a purpose and a quality one is quite effective at its intended purpose.  They're used on the PCV line and even sometimes on the fresh air valve cover line instead of breathers on the valve covers that may mess up MAF sensor calculations or just make for a messy engine bay from blow by fumes.

Oil carryover from engine blow by into the intake system is responsible for throttle body sticking and carbon buildup that plugs up EGR ports and intake ports.  If you've ever seen the horror pics of direct injection engines that don't have a way to fuel wash the intake runners down, this is where all that crap comes from.

Oil in the intake charge also increases the chance of detonation since it inherently has very poor octane properties. 

I had one on my 2011 Mustang and it caught quite a bit of oil from frequent spirited driving, and I have one on my Challenger too.  High compression and forced induction engines tend to produce higher blow by than a NA engine.  In addition to the intake tract, I also have 2 air to liquid intercoolers that can get fouled up over time so it's pretty cheap insurance - especially when I get stupid and start tuning it to squeeze out every last HP that I can get out of pump gas.

Why don't they run them from the factory?  Well, they do in a manner of speaking via baffling and sometimes cyclone setups built into the valve covers or crankcase that drain back into the oil pan.  They are not near as effective since they have to be 100% maintenance free for 100K miles and requiring a customer to periodically clean and drain a catch can in this day and age is a no-no.  The more effective factory setups tend to be failure prone at higher mileage, go figure.


From what i read more required on forced induction setup.
I added one to my 6.1 srt when i installed the eforce kit. Did not notice much difference with the small jegs can. i added an extra baffle in it too. Only running 4-5 psi boost there
But at the same time i installed a catch can on my 85 2.2 turbo and there you can really feel a difference. With the can and the extra baffle boost is more consistent at lower rpm and issues with detonation at lower rpm boost are much improved. So i can push steeper hills in 5th without down shift. Up to 11-12 psi boost on the little 4 cyl probably why i see more effect.
The little house brand jegs can is small enough to fit under the valve cover dress covers on the 6.1 and hangs in place on the 2.2 PCV lines


I've got a Billet Technologies can on my 14 Ram.  It collects quite a bit of oil.  Just a couple weeks ago it let out a big puff of smoke when I started it up.  The catch can was full and sucked in some of the oil.  Once drained, I haven't noticed any smoking. I hope not with only 45k miles.