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New to this Forum - Ohio

Started by BZaar, February 11, 2024, 11:36:44 AM

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I'm the 3rd owner of a (FE5) red/red 4-spd AAR Cuda that I've owned since 1977.  I just recently completed the rotisserie restoration however I am still researching and hoping to find the original owner. 


Welcome. I have a red/black T/A 4 speed I've owned since'78, so you have a year on me!


Welcome to the forum "BZaar" you'll find a pretty knowledgeable e-body group here. You want answers to your questions you'll find them on this forum.
I have a 70 Challenger base model Slant6 LA built car. Have owned it since 1972 I purchased it from my local Dodge dealership as a trade-in. Welcome again, remember no question is a dumb question.  Al


 :welcome:  from Utah to the best E-body web-site on the net.  How about some pics of the beautiful Red on Red AAR because  :needphotos:


Welcome to the site!  :wave:  Good luck with your search!


Welcome to the site from Ontario,  :canada:  and congrats on finishing your resto!  :wave:
In the immortal words of Jimmy Scott- "pace yourself!"


welcome from Ft Worth, TX.  Glad to have you here with us. 



Welcome! Where in the Buckeye State? I'm in Findlay. Enjoy the ride! And O.......H!!


Welcome, sounds like a great car.