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Crayon marks and paint splotches for 1971 Cuda convertible

Started by Gatorslayer, February 14, 2024, 07:17:40 PM

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Is there a place to find a comprehensive guide to the crayon marks and paint splotches for a 1971 Cuda convertible?

Same with the number stampings? I know Cuda Cody has spent alot of time creating and making the artwork for the rubber stamps, but is there a reference guide as to which ones are needed for a 1971 Cuda?

Cuda Cody

Cuda Cody

I will add that Dave Wise does a great job, however it does seem that he sees value in quantity.  The guide has grown to levels that make it hard to use.  I've found the earlier versions to be very good.  A fraction of the size, easy to navigate and pretty much all the same info.  Just my  :alan2cents: