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Torque wrench calibration recommendation: Team Torque Inc.

Started by Dakota, July 24, 2022, 02:16:12 PM

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I have an ~8 year old analog (non-digital) Matco torque wrench which stopped "clicking" and otherwise left me wondering if I was actually hitting the target level of torque.   I called Matco, who in turn referred me to Team Torque Inc. for the repair/recalibration.   One week and $95 later, the repaired and recalibrated torque wrench was back in my hands (this was considered a "minor" repair).  The paperwork that accompanied the wrench included a statement showing the details on the calibration of their test equipment.  As the Team Torque contact predicted, shipping took longer than the repair.

There are probably other options out there for this kind of work, but in my opinion these folks are a safe bet if you need the service.

Mr Lee

That's not cheap. And how would one know if their calibration tool is correct?

Although I've never done it, yet, you can calibrate them by putting the drive end in a vice, keep the handle parallel to the floor and then hang various amounts of weights from the handle to check if it clicks when it should

50 ft-lbs means 50 lbs of pressure measured at 1 foot from the drive end.  So you hang the weight 1 ft from the drive end. 
Then do with other weights also to make sure it's working properly across the spectrum. 
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