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Measure your reproduction Stripes

Started by NigelTufnel, November 07, 2023, 06:43:38 PM

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I bought Repop Non-RT stripes (it came with them originally and in White) for my 71 from Classic Industries back in Feb. of 2022.  I inspected them at the time and found a flaw in the RH fender one and C.I. agreed to replace the whole kit for free.  Great!
These stripes come from Phoenix Graphix,  so the turn around was quick and I love buying USA Made products as much as possible.  But the one thing I didn't do was measure the gaps..

Fast forward to today when I'm putting them on the car and well,.. the pictures speak for themselves.
Moral of the story ya'll, measure 'em ALWAYS.
I'm well out of warranty and both C.I. and Phoenix are telling me i'm gonna have to buy another set.  On the lemonade side of life, my Driver's side set was A-Ok and came out really nice.


Drivers side


I'm guessing you only noticed AFTER it was applied ? It could have been a simple fix by slicing the two stripes apart....being white, any sign shop should be able to cut you the one it just the passenger side door that wrong ?
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Yes the drivers side were all nice gaps and the outers were even.  And yeah I only noticed once I put the door stripe down on the passenger side.  I'm usually good about looking things over when I get them but I missed this one.  :crying: