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Trunk lid adjustment

Started by Shoooter, November 09, 2019, 01:39:21 PM

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When I unlock my trunk it doesn't pop up I manually have to lift it up. Can I adjust the spring so it will pop up more. If so how do I pull the spring into the next slot. Towards the tail panel or towards the front would give it more lift?

Chryco Psycho

Towards the rear , do you have 2 springs ?

Cuda Cody

Yes, you can adjust the spring tension on the deck lid to apply more upward pressure.


yes...I would clamp vice grips to the rod, carefully pull it out of the slot and move it one or two slots towards the rear of the car. Careful because it's under a lot of tension. :alan2cents:
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I've moved them to another hole before by using a load strap and an extra pair of gloved hands. The load strap is wrapped right by where the rod enters the adjustment hole and pulled from someone standing by the opposit quarter. The other person guides it. I also taped the entire area to prevent scratching. Have someone hold the deck lid.
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Perfect thank you everyone. I only have one spring. Would the process be different with two? Just asking incase someone else has the same problem

Chryco Psycho

Same process but the springs are lighter if there are 2 , I assume yours is a 71 ?
The deck lid should not nessisarily jump open ,just stay up when open , too much pressure can cause the deck lid to sit unevenly with only 1 spring


Yes it is a 71, when I turn the key it doesn't pop up at all, I have to lift it up but it does stay up by itself once up.


Quote from: Shoooter on November 10, 2019, 07:19:41 AM
Yes it is a 71, when I turn the key it doesn't pop up at all, I have to lift it up but it does stay up by itself once up.

Did you install the trunk seal yet?


At that point I hadn't.  Me and my son installed it as second set of hands is always nice, even if they arare a 6yr old. I adjusted the spring one to the back and it only pops up a few inches but will stay wherever you leave it now. Thanks again