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Not going to make it.

Started by torredcuda, July 13, 2023, 10:09:30 AM

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Coming from New Hampshire towing the Barracuda I got 2 hours into my 8 hour drive when the transmission in my truck starts acting up not shifting, flaring etc., pulled P0871 codes which says to be pressure switch. First time I`ve had any issue with the truck and I haven`t towed anything with it since last year. It really sucks but I realize after seeing Dave`s post it`s not so bad as there are worse things that can happen. Have fun everyone, maybe see you next year!
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That is disappointing.   Stay safe

Jay Bee

The guys on YouTube that fixed a P0871 on a 2017 Ram did a very thorough job. Sorry to hear of your situation.


Wonder how many are going?  Sorry to hear you had issues.  Looks like chance of rain on Friday but Saturday looks great other than 90*. 
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