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1971 Barracuda Project

Started by 70_440-6Cuda, May 31, 2023, 08:49:48 AM

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I really want to get my hands on a '71, thoughts on this car and what a decent final price would be?  I like the idea of the metal work being already done, and I have an extra, complete 440-6 ready to go.

Considering clones seem to be hovering around $125K, anything over $35k for the car seems like a losing proposition.... not looking to flip, but also not looking to be so far upside down it doesn't make sense.
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Not sure on the "paint ready". Floor pans look like they did patches held together with rivets or screws. So I'm guessing there will be metal work needed to get it to your desired level.


Anyway you slice it, this is a 1971 Barracuda 318 2-barrel car.  This means it may be missing some of the parts that come with a BS23 car, such as the skid-plate K-frame, fatter fuel lines, etc.  I'm guessing no body code plate or build sheet.  It is an empty shell.

It does seem to be bidding at a premium, too.   I'm guessing it will close out over 30k.

It's unpainted,  and may not require extensive bodywork to get it ready for paint.  In its current state, its easier to judge what will need attention prior to paint.   Someone added the 71-only fenders, and maybe the rally hood.

Does it matter?  I don't think so.  It's an empty shell, ready to make it what you want it to be.  As for it's value after you're done, well that gets a little weird, because it becomes "just another tribute car."   

If you want to build one of these to drive and enjoy, then do it.  Maybe you can sell it when you're through and recover some of the money you spent.

As for buying an empty shell, the one on epay isn't a very good deal to me, but then, I don't have the cash on hand and I'm not salivated to start a new project, either.   

My local Craiglist shows a humble 1970-318 car selling at 14K and while a bit more rusty, it still must go through bodywork prior to paint.

If you want to keep costs to a minimum, I recommend you can find a more beat-up empty shell, throw on your 71 parts, and go from there.  Note, the shell doesn't have to be a 1971, since its a tribute clone car anyway.

Mr Cuda

 Unfortunately,   common  bs 71's don't come with any extras, like skidplates or larger fuel lines. Even options like disc brakes and electronic  ignition weren't standard till 72.
No, all 71's got were overblown styling,  and low production from the end of an era.
I'm kicking myself from selling a complete,  but project 71 bh, with all the cuda parts in 2019.
At least I used the money to buy another brand of car that has appreciated as much or more than the mopars have in the last several years.
So @70_440-6Cuda   buy a 70 or the nicest 72 you can find and build a clone. I'm building a 70 clone from a 71 barra. I really want to run the 71 grill, but it will clash with AAR hood and 70 look.

70 Challenger Lover

I picked this one up about 18 months ago for $29,500. It was a FB ad and I had to move extremely quick. It runs and drives really nice with a decent interior. Nothing missing. Since then, I've seen three similars not much higher in price. They are out there but you gotta be willing to move very fast. I've found far more deals in FB groups, if you're willing to wade through through that sewer.

I'm leery of shells. We take for granted that many e body parts are easy to come by and are cheap but look at eBay parts. Everyone wants a fortune for stuff that was practically worthless just a couple years ago. FB groups are the same. One e body sells high on Barrett Jackson and every parts seller thinks he has a goldmine now. You'll go broke buying a thousand little things for $50 a piece.


Well I would like to see the cowl/rad support numbers, 'cause I'm thinking this is a 1973 shell first off...Then the "metal work" is horrendous on the floor pans, the large patch on top on the driver's side front frame rail is down right scary... :o  but're right, it will likely fetch $30K easy....
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Mr Cuda

 I remember the days of buying cars for $50 with no motor, or $250 driving.
That's what got me in the trouble I'm in now.
Had to start really paying by 1990 to get the good cars while I could. Good thing I kept them all.


iNteresting point on a clone - better off to find a complete decent car and build a '71.  I am not on FB, but think I may have to just to see whats doing... and I certainly do not like the scary part of metal work!
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy horsepower and that's kind of the same thing.....

Mr Cuda

 You're in California.  The rest of the country goes there to shop for cars. Think local!


Mr cuda i thought you had one of every cuda over there
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