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Cuda louvers

Started by Cuda_mark, August 03, 2023, 07:11:52 AM

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I tried to keep a set of cuda louvers that were on a 71 cuda 340 I was selling 40 years ago, but a potential buyer griped about that, so I put them back on.
That asking price is more than I ended up selling the car for.  :crying:
I have a set of Challenger louvers that I'd bought and installed on my T/A around that same time, which I decided not to put back on when I did a day one restoration of the car.
I wonder what they are worth. They are just gathering dust at my house so it would be nice to find them a new home. But I've got so jaded about trying to sell and ship stuff these days they likely will just end up scrapped some day down the road when someone is handling my estate.  :dunno:

Mr Cuda

 That is actually a fair price for an original.
I had a set I sold (traded) in 95. We agreed to a value of $850. Money doubles in 10@7% or 7@10% so that would make that deal  nearly $6000  today at the low end. Then there's inflation affecting the value even more.
  My buddy I got them from bought them from a partout in 82 for $200.
Came with the car I bought from him in 1990. Neither of us could commit to drill the holes to mount them.
Of course they are are still hanging on a wall as art, as my buddy cannot commit to drilling holes on his AAR.


They are available in great quality for 900.00 includes all necessary hardware.
Tommy The Chryco
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cuda hunter

Last set I bought was 2500.  I figured I over paid.  Supposed to be cuda louvers and they ended up being challenger louvers.  Live and learn.

If you don't have to have originals the reproductions mentioned above look great.
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How can you be sure those are original ? Good reproductions have been around for years  :alan2cents:  Is there a for sure way to tell ?
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cuda hunter

Good point.  No numbers stamped on them.
I was just going by what the fella I bought them said and he was wrong about which model they were, so perhaps they are really old reproductions? 

Patina is apparent on them. 
"All riches begin as a state of mind and you have complete control of your mind"  -- B. Lee