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Great deal on NOS upper control arms!

Started by Brads70, October 05, 2023, 03:39:00 PM

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Mr Cuda

 That is such a great deal.
This is a very hard part to find used. 

I have someof these that are used,  but couldn't throw them out, so still got them.


You'll see more of this as they further legalize reefer, mark my words!  8)
In the immortal words of Jimmy Scott- "pace yourself!"


Where you guys been they been on eBay forever haha



The late Frank Mitchells company generally couldn't hold a candle to the prices the late Ron Adair's company, Great Lakes NOS, has on his parts.
But seeing the price on those control arms, maybe they have moved into the lead in that competition?
Scott Dowse is in the running too, his prices usually are around twice what their actual value is.
Somebody must pay their prices though, or else they would have all been out of business long ago.