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Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield

Started by Gary AAR, May 28, 2021, 11:36:34 AM

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Gary AAR

Getting ready to install the exhaust manifolds on my 1970 Cuda with 340 engine.  The drivers side gets the exhaust manifold heat shield, and I wanted to make sure of the original paint finish on the heat shield.  My new remanufactured shield is painted semi-gloss black (see included photo).  Did the factory install the heat shield along with the exhaust manifold, and then paint the engine?  Or was the shield installed after the engine was painted? 

I've seen pictures of cars that show the heat shield painted black, and also pictures of the heat shield painted hemi orange color.  So I thought I would ask the experts here for the correct color.
Thanks for the help!


From the ICCA manual.
They are on prior to paint.
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Steve Miggels

Hi Gary, I also have a 1970 Cuda 340V8, but I need a new LH Exhaust Manifold Gasket with the heat shield. Can you tell me where you found yours?  Thank you, Steve Miggels


There used to be a repro 340 heat shield on the market, but it seems to have become obsolete.  Now you just have to beat the bushes going to Mopar swap meets, watching ebay, and ads on forums like here hoping one will turn up.  You might want to post a "wanted" ad here at this site to start out.  :alan2cents:


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