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How to save threads

Started by blown motor, August 19, 2021, 05:58:25 AM

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blown motor

If there's a topic you want to follow how do you save the thread or flag it so you can follow up on it later?
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One way is the use the Notify button that appears upper right of the first post above the blue line.  Then you go to your profile and on the LH side is a Notifications category.  Go in there and you have a list of threads you are subscribed to and as a bonus, you should be alerted/notified when someone responds to them.  At least that is how I understand it to work.


Didn't know that.  Trying it on this post. 


  Trying the notifications myself but I could see this as becoming cumbersome...

  My thought has been to post something unique that categorizes so it can easily be found using the SEARCH tool.    For instance I might tag this with "following thread" or if it were about tires "following tires"  simpler might be #thread  or #tires 
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it's only as intrusive as you make it.  I have mine set to only notify the first time.  But it looks like it keeps a list of the subscribtions I have.  sort of like bookmarks that I can go back to instantly anytime I want.  Planting keywords works, but you have to reply.  Notifications let you watch without anyone knowing   :vipermanhiding: :andyangel: