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i have a 8 3/4 489 case with 8u31 date code

Started by mike ketterer, February 23, 2019, 07:35:25 PM

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mike ketterer

trying to decode date code from my aar.  489 case. date  8u31.   gears have  9-16-69  3.55 ratio.  trying to see if they are original to my car.  my other aars dont have that kind of date on the case.


if those two have always been together, I'd say "8U31": 8 = August & 31 = 31st  (8/31/69) but that's a Sunday  :dunno:

the ring gear date 9/16/69 is a Tuesday

anyone else have a 489 case out & can compare the two date, or have that date format on the center section?