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Why emails from

Started by challengermaniac, August 10, 2019, 08:54:01 AM

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Guys, all of the sudden I am getting a lot of emails from which then shows it as
1970 Challenger Convertible EB5

Chryco Psycho

Probably spam unless Spikedog is bored !!

Cuda Cody

Cuda Cody

That's member BigSig 6 Barrel. Have you been talking to him?  If he sends you a PM you will get an email notifications from the site.... unless you changed your profile protocol.

BigSig 6 Barrel


Yes . . those emails were from me.
You had offered to assist members in the thread . . ."Two Challengers on Craigslist"
I simply clicked on your forum name and then on the email envelope that appeared to notify you that I may take you up on your offer to help.
The second email was to say never mind.
My apologies if that caused you some sort of alarm.

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