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Borescope, endoscope or inspection camera recommendation


So I was looking for anyone in the industry, or hobby that can recommend an excellent/cost effective Borescope/endoscope or inspection camera. I know endoscopes are more expensive and used for more precise and refined inspection in tighter and precise areas. ( mostly used in medical but precision, lighting and sight range is key)

Borescopes - high-quality borescope will provide the user with a full, 120-degree view of the inside of the inspection space ( engine cylinder, behind dash or in a wall). They should have great lighting, long flexible cable and their own screen ( vs using your iPhone)

Inspection cameras are the least precise and costly. Often cumbersome and more difficult to inspect a wide range of areas ( for example - fit scope in the spark plug entrance to view cylinder)

Don't want harbor Freight crap and my price range is $ 120 to $ 400. Also, looking to have SIM card recording capabilities so I can view on my home computer. What do the Mechanics in this group use for higher end viewing with good quality, battery life and flexbility? Can someone include Brand and model number as well. TIA

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for what its worth, a while back I ordered 20 dollar amazon 6 or 8mm camera with led lights on flex tube and viewed it on my Cell phone to look at cylinder walls and pistons.   Worked great, good res and cheap, snaps pic or vids.    just an FYI 

I have this one I got 3-4 years ago.


Works great. The sock fell of my aftermarket crappy 3/8 fuel sender. The socks just slides on and glued on those. No nipple ridge to secure it :screwy:.

I ran the endoscope though the filler pipe of the gas tank. My buddy was underneath the car with various coat hangers, long needle nose pliers, double jointed long nose pliers, etc. Through the fuel sender hole.

We managed to fish out the the fuel sock. Then we added a nipple with a flare tool. All has been well since. No way we could have done it without the endoscope. And the wireless was nice since it was a two person job.


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