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Best options for getting a new dash pad

Started by Gatorslayer, February 16, 2024, 06:48:40 PM

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It will be a crap shoot ordering any dash pad from the El Paso addresses. (Other than Al Knoch.) It looks like she is under a new business name on eBay. Dash Pads TX. Thats up to four business names now I believe. I never got my first pad from her under the Dash Pad Factory name. That was 16 months ago, $1800 plus a core she stole but I did get one from her under the Dash Pad Pros name. Contact stopped four weeks after the first order was sent. I've got $4000 including all the shipping charges invested in one pad. No core for the second order. I didn't know about her using the Dash Pad Pros name until I after ordered it. It was a very uneasy four weeks, but I did get the second one.


Do you feel lucky?

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I have seen a couple Facebook scams over the past year where crooks are offering pristine original, uncracked dashes which basically look N.O.S. and they want $400 with no core and like $50 shipping. Clearly a scam. The funny thing for me was that both of these sellers claimed to be in El Paso, Tx. Being scammers, I know they aren't really in El Paso but I thought it funny that they chose to call that town their home.


Wow that sure sucks hearing the various stories of getting scammed with new dash pads. I sure am grateful that when I got mine way back that Dave at Roseville was able to look them over before shipping them. I can see why he stopped selling them.


If you buy thru ebay you will have ebay protection if the deal goes south.Just don't go 1 second past the time frame that ebay will let you file a dispute.If you go past the timeline you are screwed.


Quote from: B5fourspeed on February 18, 2024, 11:33:43 AMIf you buy thru ebay you will have ebay protection if the deal goes south
I used to think that to.  eBay refused to help when a seller clearly lied about parts I purchased and then ghosted me when I tried to contact him when said parts arrived.  I was clear in my questions prior to the purchase as were the sellers responses.  Black and white issue, no gray area, it's either a specific part number stated or it's not!  Luckily PayPal decided in my favor once I sent them all the communications between the dishonest seller, eBay and myself.  eBay had no issue leaving me with a completely worthless part I paid $600 and even suggested I could recoup some of my expenses by selling the part on eBay.

I don't want to derail this thread but just wanted to say my experience has been I can't rely on eBay to protect me. 


I might have been thinking I went thru paypal for a dispute not ebay.It was a few years ago .


Hi  I ordered at dash pad from Alan at Ultimate rides in early April 23.  It finally showed up in late August.  There was some communication for a while, mostly false delivery information.  The pad looks okay, but I've yet to install it.  The only way I'd ever buy from them again is in person at a swap.  The Indy swap is less than two weeks away, I'm sure he'll be there.  Actually, it seems there two dash pad vendors at Indy last year.

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So I see that Year One acts as the go between and directs you (after purchase) to mail your core to the place that actually restores them (Assuming Al Knoch).

They are careful not to reveal the name or location of this outside company until after you pay Year One ($1000 plus $50 cleaning fee).

The cost is fine if they do a nice job but Year One also states you are on the hook for additional cost of shipping both directions. Understandable, but with today's high priced shipping, location can make the difference between $100 or $400 each way.

Does anyone know what city I'd be mailing my dash to? I'd like to do some checking before committing to purchase. Also, has anyone used Year One recently? How's the quality?

How do you ship a huge dash? I'd never be lucky enough to find a cardboard box.

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Go to an appliance store and ask for a box from a refridgerator. Cut it to size and close it up with packing tape.
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Quote from: blown motor on February 20, 2024, 07:04:16 AMGo to an appliance store and ask for a box from a refridgerator. Cut it to size and close it up with packing tape.

Great idea!


Not sure if this will help and I have no affiliation but I found a used one up here near Vermont where I live.


There have been a few threads re: dash pads and I continue to be shocked how lucky I am to have got mine within a week, especially the way I ordered it.  I saw the listings on ebay from TX - Dash Pad Pros or whatever name you want to use.  At the time I think it was $1400 for a single speaker non AC dash.  I made a deal with Allanah over the phone, sent her $1000 via Zelle (No purchase protection whatsoever, stupid I know) and with the exception of 2 or 3 days of excuses about shipping, received my dash within a week shipped to So Cal, no core required so I still have my original dash as well.  Looks great so far, but I have not installed it yet. 

If it were me and I was going to do it again, I would go through ebay, reach out and negotiate a better price but buy through ebay, they almost always favor buyer resolution, plus you can use a credit card through paypal so lots of ways to dispute the charges. :alan2cents:
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I called Alannah @ (915) 333-2357 about 3-4 times a week, every week since September 2023....never picks up, never calls back. Left close to 50 messages in that time, it's hard to handle....She was so nice when she took my money and when I met her at Carlisle to give her my 5 steel dash pad cores, now she's not so nice, won't even consider a call back to give me an excuse.

If anybody can call that number and get through, I'd like to hear about it....I've tried the 1-888 number as well.
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Sorry to hear so many horror stories. About vendors that don't care or replay . The mopar world is so expensive. Shipping is a joke .Best of luck to Alan who alone  plays a big part in keeping the hobby alive . 5. Dash cores that's  a big deal .Yes how times have changed for the worst. Cheers :australia:


So tonight at about 5mins to 9pm I get a phone call from 915 333 2357 ....a number I recognize immediately, but after saying Hello about 5 times...I realize it must be a "butt dial".....I let it play out for almost five minutes with me now yelling  HELLO HELLO ALANNAH IS THAT YOU ? IT'S ME ALAN GALLANT ...HELLO HELLO

then I hear..."oh shit" and a hang after six months of me leaving messages, I had them on the phone and they still won't talk to me....not even to give me a lame ass excuse  :pullinghair:  :pullinghair:  :pullinghair:
I've taught you everything you know....but I haven't taught you everything I know....
Check out my web site ....  Alan Gallant Automotive Restoration