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Repairing wasted door panels and textured plastic.

Started by Mr Cuda, March 24, 2022, 06:02:42 PM

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Mr Cuda

@cuda hunter
It's ok if you haven't seen the code on a fender tag,  but you've seen the color often.
It's what happens when white goes bad, real bad. Almost orange in places.
So standard white,  rip and shred interior and top.

cuda hunter

Ah your right.  Now that you mention it I have a set of Y1's from my 71 a93 XW car. 

Forgot all about that!!   :bigthumb:
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Mr Cuda - those chalky white panels look just like the ones from my vert!  Can't wait to see your magic on these and letting us be a fly on the wall watching the progress.

My google foo is failing me as I cannot find a link to your EZ Trac product.  Can you post a link?


This thread will be used and great reference for years...
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