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Seatbelt Question....anyone know?

Started by challenger3406pk, August 30, 2023, 01:54:08 PM

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Does anyone reproduce or have a source for the sticker / decal that goes on the seat belt release buttons in a 73 challenger???


Jay Bee

Would it be worth it to send that picture to ECS Automotive and ask if they have it. Maybe they do and it didn't get on the website.

If you can peel off a nice one try making your own. I did that with the convertible caution sticker just to see if I could. I scanned an NOS label, printed & cut it out, covered the front with clear packing tape and applied thin 3M two sided tape to the back. It's on my car now.


The interesting thing is that they are not just a sticker. They are more of a foil pressed sticker, they are 3 dimensional, raised in the center.

Jay Bee

Ah, thanks for the info, unfortunately that complicates a DIY project.


@challenger3406pk So this would be what you are looking for.
It may be easier just snapping the complete spring bracket on with tinfoil tab already in place,
then risk damaging the tinfoil by removing the plastic with tabs
If you are still looking for one PM me your shipping info and I'll just mail this to you.
Might have to go in a padded envelope because of thickness but we'll see