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Seat track original vendor assembly details

Started by mtull, January 26, 2024, 09:53:00 AM

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I'm searching for information on how 70~71 seat tracks were originally prepped for assembly prior to being mounted to the seat frames. 

I disassembled and carefully cleaned a set of seat tracks using soap/water and then Evapo-Rust.  Upon inspection I see paint was applied to the top and bottom half's of the tracks.  I found evidence of paint on the large roller bearings but didn't find any paint on the small bearings nor did I find any between the flat bottom plate and the track mechanisms for the outer tracks.  Admittedly the cleaning process could have removed the paint in the moderately rusted areas.

Does anyone know if paint was applied via spray or hydro-dipped?

Does anyone know if the tracks were painted fully assembled or as separate sub-assemblies? 

Does anyone have a close match for the color (black) and gloss level?  Some sources state gloss, others semi-gloss.  Either way it's a wide target with many possibilities.

Does anyone know what grease was used during the assembly process?  I've seen references to 'yellow grease' but don't know what the significance is regarding color or where I could purchase?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Seat tracks after cleaning.