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Tuff Wheel

Started by 61K T/A, May 14, 2017, 04:15:02 AM

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61K T/A

I see a lot of  A and B body  TW adapters advertised but nothing for E bodies. Will the A and B body adapter fit the E body column?


Yes I believe it will but it will also move the steering wheel closer to the dash, which may or may not be desirable? 

Cuda Cody

Tuff Wheels never came on an E-Body, but the adapter and wheel should fit just fine.  It will be shorter (closer to the dash as Brad mentioned) so keep that in mind.  But should fit the column perfectly (I think).


The tuff wheel will bolt right to an E Body column no adapter needed. :alan2cents:
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Quote from: anlauto on May 14, 2017, 09:18:19 AM
The tuff wheel will bolt right to an E Body column no adapter needed. :alan2cents:

Correct again!


Everyone is correct, the tough wheel was not an optioned item on the E-body's (however I think they should have). Back in the 80's I wanted to change out my rimblow steering wheel on my car (I kept the rimblow, still have it) to something a little user friendlier. At a u-pick yard, on an '80 Mirada, a perfect, black, tuff wheel ($10. Score). Had my doubts on installation, but, bolted up with no modifications, even horns work. Here's the way it looks in car.   Thanks,  Al


Easy swap and if you use the actual tuff wheel can it moves the wheel closer to the dash. The factory really messed up on not offering the tuffy, especially for long legged guys like me.


Here is mine for reference.... I added the Dodge rimblow horn center. I replaced the Grant version with the PGclassics leather one, much nicer IMO and smaller in diameter


That looks nice. I just did the Grant one on my two cars.

303 Mopar

PG Classic sells the thicker tuff wheel which I found much more comfortable to drive than the thin hard wheel -


My interpretation of a modern wood Rimblow steering wheel.
And yes the horn works.