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Alternator for 2011 and up car front cover

Started by Swamp Donkey, November 22, 2022, 08:29:49 PM

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Swamp Donkey

I'm looking to order an alternator for my Cuda.  I did not notch my frame rail, but now I have switched my front timing cover to the 2011 and up car/Jeep front cover.  I've found one from Bouchillion that sounds like it is definitely what I need and will order if I have too.  Only being from Canada, I was hoping to maybe just get a alternator from either the Dodge dealer, Napa or something like that.  Will any random alternator from a 2011+ V8 car work and me not have to hack my painted frame rail?

Cut from Bouchillion website:

This 1 wire Alternator is the answer for that 5.7L, 6.2L Hell Cat, or 6.4L Gen III Hemi Engines that have MSD, NON Chrysler/Mopar Performance or Aftermarket Management Systems that do not control the Alternator Charging Circuit. It's also smaller than most at 4.5"and still does 180A
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Filthy Filbert

Then there's this?

Not sure why one was direct bolt in and another required a custom pulley when both used the same alternator?

Swamp Donkey

I ended up just taking the lumps and bumps of being a Canadian and ordered the Bouchillion alternator.  400 USD and another 129 USD for shipping.   :'(  And I'm still not done, because I know FedEx is going to gouge me another 100+ Dollars for being my broker for taxes and duties etc.  1000 dollar Canadian alternator.    :dunno:
1973 Cuda. 340 4 speed.


Out of the 220, 180, and 160 MDS alternators the 160 is the only small case of the three. Part #04801866AC fit in my ebody without needing to modify anything. Will need to run inline with a pre-67 voltage regulator to step voltage to 14.7
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