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Door Lift assist for floor jack??

Started by gzig5, May 11, 2023, 07:09:09 AM

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I'm at the point where I'm going to need to take the doors off and on occasionally and working by myself, it is a PITA.  They really want to tip over when just balanced on top of the jack.  I'm looking for ideas, pictures, or vivid descriptions of an assembly I can use with my floor or transmission jack that will reliably hold the door in position while I zip the hinge bolts in.  Some level of fine adjustment might be desired.  I've used a temporary bracket made of wood but it was sketchy and I'd prefer to weld something up and bolt to the jack table.  I'm in the rough bodywork stage, fixing rust  on the A-pillars, cowl, and fitting full quarters and roof skin.


I used my engine hoist to remove mine.  Just looped two nylon straps around the door and then connected them to the lifting hook.  Worked like a charm for removal.  Haven't put the door back on yet, but would guess it will work just about as well as the removal went.  :alan2cents:


bought mine off eBay "Steck 21870 door hanger" - goes on your small floor jack - it works very well