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1971 Challenger Convertible rear taillight harness

Started by Daveh, September 12, 2023, 06:08:02 PM

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I have a Challenger convertible rear taillight harness from my Challenger.  All the connectors work great.  I see them on Ebay for stupid money.  What's a realistic price?  Thanks


Jay Bee

For things like that I usually look at the reproductions. Year One is $265 w/free shipping, Evans Wiring is $200 +/shipping (I think). Without seeing the condition go +/- those numbers keeping in mind OE is preferred to reproduction. So, my " guess" $225.00 plus shipping. I didn't look on eBay.

Let's hear some other opinions.

PS: I only found 1970 Challenger convertible on Year One's site.


Here's the harness for a 71 Convertible.  It's an M&H which is about as good as it gets (that's what's in my car) $186 and in stock. 
Original might be worth more but gotta think $200-250 in really good shape. 

Good luck!


I personally wouldn't give you $20 bucks for 52 year old wiring, but there's a LOT of people out there that think the exact opposite, and would ONLY use original parts on their restoration, "no reproduction crap" as they say..... :drunk:
You have to find one of those guys and he has to have a 71 Challenger convertible, because all other E-Body convertibles are different. Then maybe you can get the big money.... :dunno: $200+ :clueless:
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