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Embedding a 1970 Barracuda Fish into a Tuff Wheel Center Cap

Started by MoparCarGuy, March 18, 2023, 08:12:00 PM

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I was considering modifying a Tuff wheel plain center cap to embed a 1970 Rim-Blow center cap's Barracuda fish emblem. In other words, recess the emblem into the center cap.
Has anyone tried to do this mod? Is this even possible or is the standard Tuff Wheel center cap too thin to carve out a spot for the emblem?

I have seen the fish emblem added on the surface of one of these caps but not embedded into it. Seems this would be a great 3D printer project to make all of the round center cap designs, e.g. Rim-Blow styles for Cuda/Challenger and for Tuff wheels plus "morphed" versions with the fish emblem embedded.


Could you not just make a rim blow cap fit you tuff grip wheel ? :dunno:
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Quote from: anlauto on March 19, 2023, 07:58:32 AM
Could you not just make a rim blow cap fit you tuff grip wheel ? :dunno:
The Rim-Blow center caps are $125-$199. Some of the ones offered are not painted black around the fake plastic allen head screws.
This would be an alternative to that. Surface-mounted is simple but embedded would look better to me.

Maybe the best solutuion is to buy the $750 Rim-Blow steering wheel with center cap kit.