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71 yellow factory billboards

Started by LSTCUDA, October 20, 2023, 12:56:45 PM

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Just saw this one get posted on eBay. Got additional photos from owner, has broadcast sheet. Truck looks like it's needs replacing


FAKE fender tag  :foul: @LSTCUDA did you get pictures of the b'cast sheet?


Most likely.
Did he provide undercarriage pictures as well?


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when was FY1 reintroduced to e-body availability?   :notsure:  before the cars were available to the public on 10/6/70?  how many 340 cars don't have a 26" radiator   :crazytalk:  it's fantasy island

Mr Cuda

 This car was a topic in 2022. Problems were discussed then. Fake tag was covered then.
  When I saw the claim of 17 fy1, I went looking for info,  and  Dan had covered some of it before.


I have an undercarriage video with reach under the car with a phone method. Hard to see rust or work. Floor pans looked ok. Undercarriage is not detailed and looks its age.


Seller says broadcast sheet is in safe deposit box.


How was it determined that the VIN tag is fake? Do you have a link to that topic?


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