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Need help with Option Codes on a 70 'cuda

Started by packnsix, February 13, 2018, 06:24:25 AM

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I am looking at sort of a basket case 70 'cuda. It looks to have been a parts car at one time but the fender tag is interesting enough to make me think about it. I have ran it through the tag decoder on this site (awesome tool by the way @Cuda Cody) so I know what each code means. The problem I have is what actual options each code represents. The ones I am having trouble understanding how they looked on the car are M25, M31, and M88. What trim does each of these codes represent? Also, it looks like a stripe wasn't ordered or was it included in one of the option packages?


M25 is along the rocker panel, in this case "fish scale" rocker moldings
M31 is on tops of the doors at the "belt line"
M88 is around the tail light panel

All this trim is standard on every "BS" Cuda

No stripe code on the tag, means no stripe on a Cuda.
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Thanks @anlauto for the quick reply

So it looks like it was originally an orange 340 4-speed 'cuda with go-wing.

I assume since there isn't a brake option on the tag it was probably a drum brake car?


Here is a quick pic...if I pick it up I will post more