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Wire diagrams

Started by 1970 cuda Joe, May 29, 2024, 06:28:28 AM

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1970 cuda Joe

I need to get a wire diagram for the 70 cuda. Is one better than others? What do you guys recommend? Thank you, Joe
1970 cuda 440-6, 4 speed NOM. Moulin Rouge


They all seem the same from what I've seen.  My wife got me a dedicated booklet with the diagrams, but  they are the exact same ones from the reproduction 1970 challenger service Manual, just with better print. The service manual isn't printed that great and is combersome.

I would just use the ones above and print them out. I like the ones that someone colored, it saves the eyes. LOL

1970 cuda Joe

Thank you. I'll do a little poking around the site to see if I can find everything I need. I did find some....Joe
1970 cuda 440-6, 4 speed NOM. Moulin Rouge


I bought an oversized full color laminated wiring diagram and it has been the best purchase. Clear and easy to read and the grease just wipes off! Sorry can't remember the vendor, but you can search for them
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