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Help ID 4-speed Console what is this part #? 1971-74

Started by NigelTufnel, October 09, 2023, 02:14:15 PM

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So I'm old and forgetful... I don't remember when I bought this thing but it was long enough ago that I was thinking about putting a 4 speed in my Challenger.  Anyway,  I've dug it out and decided to sell it at some point.  What's weird is I can't find these part numbers... F306 auto, F307 manual.   I know that they SHOULD be 3507 (71) or 3542 (72-74) for a manual console
but.. F307 ??  The top is stamped F310 under the glovebox and next to the shifter plate.   Any wiser minds have a clue?  The top plate looks like a repop since it has NO stampings but it is very nice, and if I'm not mistaken it should have 5 holdown screws, not 4 in 71-74.  :notsure:


No help on the part numbers but the console appears to have the correct cut out portion along the drivers side.  70-71 top plates had 4 screws.  They went to 5 screws sometime later but I couldn't say which year between 72-74.  That looks like a correct setup for a 71 to me.


I've gone through the google-machine and of course but had 0 luck.  Maybe the 'F' stands for Frankenstein  :notsure: it is almost Halloween.  Would a NOS/dealership part get a different stamping?


There is at least two of us out there I guess :cool:

I have several with F306, F307