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Interior dye

Started by SteveG, January 13, 2017, 07:24:06 PM

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Any suggestions for trying to remove black paint or possibly dye from door panels and rear panels that were originally red?


Pressure wash ? Oven Cleaner ?
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Cuda Cody

Removing paint from plastic is hard.  Most of the time the plastic was in bad shape and that's why it was painted, unless it was a color change.  Any reason you can't give it a good soap and water bath and then repaint it?

If you have a small text area that you can work with, you might try Carb Cleaner.  It removes paint that is not clear coated.  I know because that's what we use at my sign company to remove graffiti.  But be careful as it's pretty strong and might damage the plastic.  Test, test and test before taking a chance on ruining good panels.


Thanks for the input Alan and Cody, my car has black interior right now but originally was red. The panels are a little rough and I'm just tossing that idea around if they will look decent. The four speed console was painted or dyed too.