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Frame rack ideas

Started by 70 Challenger Lover, September 29, 2017, 06:28:06 PM

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70 Challenger Lover

That's nice. I have the pieces but I get to assemble it all myself


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I made this for my rag and was made from factory prints above.  Have about $400-500 in material.

Nice! Looks similar to what the AMD installation center uses -

Can you tell us what size square tubing you used and what thickness please? Thank you,    :cheers:

70 Challenger Lover

I noticed this old post I started and that I never updated what I did. This is the rack I built. It's major overkill. Every resting point is adjustable side to side and front to back making it work for any car. On height, the risers would need to be lifted out and swapped for different lengths. These are cut to accommodate my 70 Challenger.

Not being an engineer and hearing guys warn about potential flex issues, I picked up the thickest tubing I could find. It's all 1/4" seamless tubing like they use for building tow hitches. It wasn't terribly expensive at the time but I'm sure it would be today. Damn thing weighs like 1000 pounds. No joke. Way more than really needed.

It did the trick though. Zero flex anywhere. In fact, I had a different car on it and was able to tie it down and do frame pulls on it. There is nothing on a car that is thick enough to challenge the integrity of this rack.