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Preferred street shocks

Started by Challenger in NC, January 24, 2023, 10:20:50 AM

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Quote from: Challenger in NC on January 25, 2023, 11:45:46 AM
Is $500 for a set of Billsteins sound about right? Ive checked a couple places and shipping is another $62. Also, did they have to be sized on a case by case or is their a std OEM part? Firm Feel calls them RCD but those dont show up much in searches.

I got mine from Firm Feel, just looked at their catalog and looks like they have them for $200 Rear plus $280 Front (their new online catalog is screwy). I would recommend calling them to confirm amount and availability. Not sure how much their shipping would be but sounds like you are in the ballpark.

Challenger in NC

One other question...has anyone had problems with the bushing size on the Bilstein RCD shocks. I was reading on some other forums that some people have complained that the top bushing does not fit properly.


I also upgraded my torsion bars as well as my front sway bar on my '70 'Cuda 440.  I installed non-adjustable QA1 shocks for and aft and my 'Cuda and I can pretty tell you what year a dime was minted if I drive over it.  Based on what everybody is saying here, I may try a set of Bilsteins RCDs.