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70 Challenger Conv. Restomod. 6.1 Hemi

Started by soundcontrol, January 18, 2017, 12:52:46 PM

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Starting my resto thread here, I have one over at also, started in 2014 with some more pictures.
I will summarize the work done so far here:

My car had a 340/727, was planning to keep that for a while but found a Hemi and sold the 340 right after I got it back from the
machine shop will all new parts.

Current state is that the body is sandblasted and 2K primed. I'm in the process of adding the US Cartool inner fender braces and radiator support. Will also change the trunk floor and extensions. I decided to paint it black, it is FC7 now.
Focusing on the body and driveline now, paint and interior will come later.

6.1 Hemi from a -06 Charger with a NAG1 Tranny
Harness and computers from Hotwire Auto
Tank with pump from Tanks Inc.
Radiator, TTi headers, Oil filter adapter, motor mounts, PS pump from Bouchillion.

Body reinforcement
Kit from US Car Tool, subframe connectors, inner fender braces, Core support.

Suspension Parts from Firmfeel
HD Street/Road Race/Track leaf springs
Suspension Rebuild Kit
Upper Control Arms
Front Sway Bar Kit 1-1/8   
Rear Sway Bar Kit 3/4" (AAR/TA design)     
1.00 Torsion Bar: HD/ Street app             
LCA reinforcement plates     
LCA Greasable Pivot Pins
Bilstein Shocks     
Selector support kit                         
Fast ratio pitman arm       
Fast ratio idler arm         
Firmfeel steering Stage II             
K-frame reinforcement plates

Drum spindles (used)
Wilwood front Kit 12.88 6 piston           
Wilwood rear kit                     
Hydraboost system
Wilwood Master Cylinder 
Rear Axle Parts from DrDiff  
Green bearings             
8 3/4 Third Member 3:55
Pinion snubber & Seals   

TTI headers
Dynomax Mufflers
new 2,5 TTI exhaust system

AC system Vintage Air       
Canvas Top kit w. glass window                             
New Instruments (bought a Rally dash on e-bay, will either get it done by Redline or put Speedhut gagues in it)


The NAG1 has the starter on the passenger side, and there is no headers made for that combination (if you wanna go stock style suspansion w. T-bars) so I found a bellhousing from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, that has a Hemi/NAG1 with the starter on the driver side, that way the TTI headers that are made for a Hemi/727 will fit. I also got a Jeep Cherokee starter.


My latest progress is that I got the bottom end done with the oil pickup and a Milodon oil pan. Got the wrong pickup, so I had to cut it and reclock it so it would fit. Used the old spashguard/oil pan gasket. Got new bolts for the 2 main cap bearings that needs to be swapped, since I got both the advide to reuse the old bolts and to get new ones because they could snap if reused.

Cuda Cody

WOW Ken, you're building a Bully!  Going to be an awesome car when you get done!   :clapping:  Thanks for sharing.  Looking forward to seeing more photos.  Make a video of your first burnout.   :yes:


Thanks guys! It started here, in 1979, my first e-body. Had 7 of them since. Spun a couple of main bearings in that burnout...


I'm waiting to see the sound system in that thing when it's finished.   :popcorn:

303 Mopar

Quote from: soundcontrol on January 18, 2017, 01:01:58 PM
Got the wrong pickup, so I had to cut it and reclock it so it would fit.

I had to do this exact same thing to the pickup tube.  The Milodon part number changed to #18341 for the 2009 and later Hemi's.  I've heard of guys waiting for months for this part BTW.


Started with the inner fender braces. There's a Whole Lotta Grinding Going On here...
Had to add some material also. I'm also painting the area under the pieces I'm welding, gonna do the same inside the big fender brace.
After welding I'm gonna apply Eastwood internal frame coating to cover the welds.

Unfortunately I found some more rust that even the sandblasting did not reveal. Someone had put a big chunk of weld on top of it, when I tried to grind it down to make it look nice I found rust, and I could poke a hole in it. Its in the corner area of the cowl, glad I did that, that will eventaully had rusted through and caused a leak in the inner firewall. So now I gotta fix that before I can continue with the fender braces. Looks lika a tricky part to make a patch for, I also gotta repair the top overlapping part of the upper cowl. Oh well, I'm up for the challenge.

Cuda Cody

You're doing a fantastic job man!!!!!   :clapping:  You must be so proud of the way it's turning out.   :yes:

So any idea of what you're going to do for a sound system?  ;)


Quote from: Cuda Cody on January 20, 2017, 10:19:45 AM
You're doing a fantastic job man!!!!!   :clapping:  You must be so proud of the way it's turning out.   :yes:

So any idea of what you're going to do for a sound system?  ;)

It's very hard in a convertible, no room for good speakers, I got a 5 channel poweramp already, I'm gonna build something in the trunk for subwoofers, and use the 3 speaker dash for tweeters, and also possible add speakers in the kick panels. It wont be perfect though, I would like 6x9"s but I will not cut my rear panels, or the door panels.


Fixing the rust, looks simple, but it was really hard to make that corner patch, to get the top curve right and fitting OK, thats my second attempt, first one failed. Have to weld some from the inside of the car, since the upper cut is inside the cowl area. The overlapping piece, corner of the upper cowl is gonna be even harder, has a curved ridge in it.

Cuda Cody

Looks really good from here!   :clapping:  Takes a lot of time, but when it's done it will be awesome and rust free super solid!


I made a tool to press a straight ridge, any suggestions on how to make a curved ridge, for the overlapping piece?