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Frankenmuth Auto Fest Michigan

Started by Spikedog08, August 28, 2023, 06:50:52 AM

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One of the best all make shows around!  Christmas town USA!   The Friday Night block party is amazing!  Then Saturday and Sunday in the park does not disappoint!
Drive it like you stole it . . . And they're CHASING you!


I will be there! What are you bringing?

blown motor

I was thinking of going to that but now I'm going to be in Nashville. Maybe next year.
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Quote from: erat340 on August 28, 2023, 08:32:59 AM
I will be there! What are you bringing?

We typically hit the street party on Friday . . The rest of the weekend depends on Weather.  If really nice, wife will want to do something else.  If just average . . I may come back on Saturday.   Driving . . Hmmm not sure yet.  Wife mentioned that we haven't drove the hard top to the show in awhile. 
Drive it like you stole it . . . And they're CHASING you!


This was a great show!  I missed the street party so went on Saturday to Heritage Park and was a lot of fun!  Had multiple jets flying over, a waterski show on the River, live music and probably close to 3000 cars.  Although they are all makes and models, the Saturday show has a year built limit and when you register, the first question is “what year is your car?”  Down side is  . . There is only one road in and out of this park so coming or going takes time.   :crying:

If you have a car that was not at least 25 years old, then Sunday would be the day to attend.  If I was just going to be a spectator, I would park in town somewhere and walk over using the wooden bridge. 

Didn’t take any pictures but I bet I saw 30 ebodies.  More cudas than challengers.   Something else I noticed . . Of the ebodies, I bet 80% of them were 4 speeds!  Very limited automatic!  Saw a flat hood cuda, a couple convertibles, 3 AARs, a few with modern power plants.   Many very nice cars! 

What I didn’t see . . No wing cars at all and not a single AMX or Javelin . . . That I saw anyways.
Drive it like you stole it . . . And they're CHASING you!


This show is definitely on my 'to do' list. Hopefully next year or two.
Thanks for the posts Dave!
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