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1970 Challenger C15 Option Code

Started by kent_goins, February 18, 2017, 03:26:01 PM

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Howdy...I need to find a good source for the Seat Belt Clips, front and rear for my 1970 Challenger RT with the C15 option code. This had the deluxe seat belts shown below


My 1970 Challenger RT Dash showing C15 Seat Belt warning light and A01 Light Package with blue switch lamp to illuminate the dash switches upper left hand corner. Also my C15 deluxe seat belts before install.

Cuda Cody

Looking good man!!!!  Be sure to black out the area around / behind the windshield now so you do not see body color after the front windshield is installed.  And use your side "A" pillar pieces to check how far you need to blackout on the sides.  No body color should be seen.  :alan2cents:


Good tip, I need to do that on my Cuda.
Mopar or no car!!!


Thanks for the tip Cody...I will bring it up with my resto guy!


Your seat belts look really nice, who restored them for you?  I installed mine 2 weeks ago and they were done by Bill Edwards.  :bigthumb:



I'm not up on the codes C15 , are those brackets for storing the belts when not in use? Surely they are not held in position with a couple of sheet metal screws?  :notsure:


Yes, just seat brackets to store/secure the belts when not in use...Think about how many people actually used them in 70...Heck, I remember buying cudas with no belts in them at all back in the day where a previous owner pulled them out and tossed them...Sounds crazy now but that's the way it was...



C15 includes some other things in addition to those brackets.
It has deluxe seat belts and a seat belt light.



Although from what I've seen, no separate light if you have an overhead console like on SE and GC.  Light was already included.


had the seat belts done by Snake Oyl a few years back.


Trying to keep the C15 info on the same thread...
@6bblgt do you have the production figures for the C15 option?

Thanks in advance



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I never would have thought it to be that high :thinking: I'm surprised  :unbelievable:
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